Computer Disposal

Computer DisposalBusiness’s and organizations often find themselves in a situation where computer disposal is needed. End-Of-Life IT asset management (Computer disposal / recycling) is crucial to a business that is wanting to keep their data private and out of reach to the public. Gone are the days where a business needs a storeroom to store all of their unwanted hard drives and computer screens.

Coast2Coast Shredding is an efficient, yet affordable solution for all your computer disposal needs. Not only do we go the extra mile in service, but we are proud to be 100% green and eco friendly throughout the process as well.

We are happy to tailor a computer disposal solution for you, weather it be on a once off basis or an ongoing need, Coast2Coast Shredding will be there!

The process of computer disposal:

  • Collection

    We will collect your unwanted computer equipment from your business or storage room.

  • Inventory (Optional)

    All media items can be inventoried by a description and Asset Tag Number / Serial Number. This is critical for IT Asset management.

  • Computer Disposal

    Any hard drives that are connected to any equipment will be removed, inventoried and finally, shredded.

  • Recycle

    No equipment is ever sent to a landfill. All computer equipment will be recycled 100%.

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