Data Destruction

Data DestructionCoast2Coast’s data destruction service can securely dispose of unwanted rounds reels, data tapes, optical media all the way through to cell phones.

Our data destruction service includes:

  • Data Tape Shredding
  • Data Tape Degaussing


All shredded magnetic and optical media through our data tape shredding and degaussing process are converted into energy that allows for our data destruction service to be 100% green.

Data shredding is a process where we destroy any unwanted round reels, data tapes and optical media. We record the volser number from the data tapes before the data destruction takes place. For an added layer of security, it is recommended that we degauss the magnetic media through our data tape degaussing service.

Coast2Coast are happy to conveniently provide services at your location or at our secure facility.  We can collect your unwanted data from your business or storage room. Once the data has been destroyed, you will be issued with a certificate of destruction.

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