Hard Drive Crushing

Hard Drive CrushingTime and time again, businesses are stuck with a full storage room full of unwanted computers and hard drives. Avoid unnecessary storage costs for unwanted media and securely destroy your hard drives through our hard drive crushing service.

Coast2Coast are happy to conveniently provide services at your location or at our secure facility.

Our hard drive crushing service is great for those customers that would prefer:

  • A On-Site hard drive crushing service.
  • Customer location does not have a loading dock for our crushing truck to park.

Coast2Coast are proud to offer you a service that is 100% eco friendly. Give back to your community today!

The process of hard drive crushing:

  • Collection

    We will collect your unwanted hard drives from your business or storage room. Unless you are wanting Coast2Coast to service you at your location.

  • Inventory

    Coast2Coast will then inventory all of the hard drives using the hard drives serial number. The process is done using a barcode scanner and laptop.

  • Hard Drive Crushing

    We will then begin the crushing process where all hard drives are individually crushed which drills through the spindles creating ripples in the platers.

  • Removal

    All of the crushed hard drives are then removed from the customers location and will then get recycled.

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