Hard Drive Destruction

hard-drive-shreddingHard drive destruction has fast become the only secure way to destroy your old hard drives. When business’s purchase new computers and hard drives, it becomes an expensive project to have to store all of your old hard drives away. It is also very important to a business that the public do not get hold of any personal or confidential information of the business and that of their customers.

Hard drive destruction is a process where your hard drive goes through either a crushing process, shredding process or both.

Hard Drive Destruction Process:

Hard Drive Crushing

Coast2Coast are happy to conveniently provide this service at your location or at our secure facility. All the hard drives are inventoried by serial number. All hard drives are then securely destroyed using our hard drive crusher.

Hard drives are then removed from location and will go through a recycling process which recycles the various metals that they contain.

Once the hard drive crushing process is complete, you will be issued with a certificate of destruction.

Hard drive crushing can act as a complete destruction solution or can be the first step in a two phase destruction process, Hard drive crushing, and then by adding another layer of security, hard drive shredding.

Hard Drive Shredding

Our shredder can process up to 900 hard drives per hour. We are able to shred the hard drives on and off site. Shredding your hard drives has become the only way to completely destroy the hard drives and the private information that they contain.

Once we have completed the hard drive destruction process, you will be issued with a Certificate of destruction as well as a list of your inventory.

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