Nationwide Ink Jet Recycling Services

Nationwide Ink Jet Recycling ServicesPay it Forward by recycling your old inkjet and laser cartridges you can help us help the men and women that serve our country! We all like to help out people in need, but sometimes we don’t have the resources to do it. Now you have an opportunity to get involved and make a difference. By mailing in your used cartridges you will be playing a vital part in helping us pay it forward! We will take 10-20% of our pre-tax revenue and help military families in need with the revenue generated from your recycling efforts. There is no cost for you to participate…we pay all shipping costs.

Stars And Stripes Ink Jet Recycling  is an organization aimed to help the environment while partnering with individuals and companies that have the same goals that we have. Some many companies offer recycling program today and although recycling has become easier and usually free we still see so many people and small business owners still throwing away ink jet and laser cartridges because they just don’t have time to deal with it! Some companies will even pay you a nominal amount for your cartridges, but it never seems like enough to make it worth the effort for the majority. Our recycling program is a free, no cost service aimed at recycling and helping military families at the same time. We provide much needed products to the remanufacturing industry and much needed resource for military families..

Our innovative and cutting-edge recycling programs simplify the collection process with free nationwide UPS shipping. Your participation will help raise much needed funds the military families we provide assistance for.

Don’t Let Your Business Go Out With The Trash!!