Off-Site Document Destruction Services

Off-site destruction is a great way to save approximately 40% on your destruction services. This is also a very safe way to dispose of your confidential materials.

  • All of our employees are bonded, insured, and have undergone a criminal background check.
  • We will remove your documents and take them to our locked truck. The material will then be taken to our secured facility where it will be destroyed within eight hours.
  • After the material has been shredded, it will be baled in our warehouse and sent directly to a paper mill for recycling.

Which Documents Need to Be Shredded?

security binsMany of our customers are now putting all documents into their security bins. In the past they would separate classified from non-classified. The non-classified materials would be put in a recycling bin. We have made our service so affordable that they no longer separate and now place all materials in the security bins. This eliminates the number of different containers needed as well as eliminates the big question, “does this document need to be shredded?” We refer to this system as security recycling.


Don’t Let Your Business Go Out With The Trash!!