Recycle Computers

Computer_Recycling_PicturesThe amount of waste that we as human beings produce is increasing fast. Not only is there hardly any space for waste, but the chemicals that are released into our atmosphere is spreading at an alarming rate.

We at Coast2Coast believe that recycling is very important in order to conserve our world. If business’s are wanting to have peace of mind that the media destruction process will not have any effect on the environment. Coast2Coast recycle computers through a process that is 100% green and secure.

We are happy to tailor a recycling solution for you, weather it be on a once off basis or an ongoing need, Coast2Coast will be there!

Coast2Coast is proud to be involved in 100% green recycling process for electronics. All of the electronics are recycled for their various metals and parts. Coast2Coast recommends recycling of electronics to give back to the community.

Once we have recycled all of your computers, you will be issued with a Certificate of Recycling as well as a list of your inventory.

Data Destruction | Hard Drive Destruction

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